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Explore the Emerald Isle for Treasure!

Experience the luck of the Irish when you take a few spins at the Emerald Isle online casino game, by Amaya. Featuring an Irish folklore inspired theme, the game has three rows and five reels. The player must place a bet, and click or tap to spin. If winning sequences are created, payouts are granted. Bigger payouts are offered by different icons, while special bonus icons can mean a jackpot win. This game can be played on both an internet browser, via flash, or on a mobile device or tablet.

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Dracula Touch Slots – Once Bitten!

Vampire stories are amongst the oldest and most fascinating tales. While there has certainly been a resurgence of these characters, all with modern day retellings, the famous Dracula will always remain a firm favorite when it comes to any form of storytelling, whether it be in movies or fiction. Similarly, casinos also form the basis of one of the oldest kinds of entertainment.

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The Way Cubes Make Money – Cubis Slot

With Cubis, CryptoLogic, the Ireland-based game developers now owned by the Amaya Gaming Group, has produced a quirky game that turns slots play on its head. Traditional reels don’t feature at all. Instead, the Cubis playing surface features a cube open on three sides, with glowing, semi-transparent cubes in a range of rich jewel tones stacked 5X5 along the floor and two back walls. The paylines track these cubes in straight lines, vertically and horizontally, either across the floor and up the walls, or from one wall to another. There are thus 15 paylines in total, and the object of Cubis is to get four or more matching cubes anywhere along a payline, even if these lines turn the corner from wall to wall or wall to floor.

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Enjoy the Beauty of Online Bingo

Bingo Online is one of the fastest growing online games. It is offered on bingo sites, online casinos as well as on social media platforms like Facebook. It is a game that appeals to all age groups and demographics due to its simple and fun game play. Even when it comes to gaming legislation, bingo has always been considered a fun past time, rather than a serious form of gambling. Bingo Online is also a game that actively pushes to generate a sense of community amongst its players. Bingo online can be played for free and offers real cash prizes.

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Dont let it Bug you – Beetle Mania Slot

Beetle mania deluxe is an online slot title from Novomatic. It features 10 pay lines that players can activate over 5 reels. This slot title features a beetle band, inspired by the real world band, the Beatles. This is a simple slot title featuring free spins, wild symbols as well as a unique Beetle Mania feature that earns players a 2X multiplier on their wins.

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Yell Bingo on your Phone!

Bingo is a game that is very popular with a wide slice of the world’s population. It is a game of chance that can be found in almost every brick and mortar casino around the world, as well as most of the online ones too. So popular is bingo in fact, that unofficial games are hosted as fund raising events, entertainment and many other reasons in communities everywhere. Since casinos and casino game went virtual in the 1990’s, bingo has been made available to a much wider audience world wide than  ever before, and that growing interest has sparked more and more developers to create virtual bingo games and even entire websites.

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