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Dont let it Bug you – Beetle Mania Slot

Beetle mania deluxe is an online slot title from Novomatic. It features 10 pay lines that players can activate over 5 reels. This slot title features a beetle band, inspired by the real world band, the Beatles. This is a simple slot title featuring free spins, wild symbols as well as a unique Beetle Mania feature that earns players a 2X multiplier on their wins.

The Beetle Mania Deluxe wagers

Most of the symbols that appear on the reels of Beetle Mania Deluxe will pay out if two or more matching symbols are lined up on the pay lines. A pay line will need to be activated before a win will register on that pay line. In order to activate a pay line, players must wager at least one coin on the pay line you wish to activate. The value of these coins can be adjusted in the game. You must wager a minimum of $0.01 and you can wager a maximum of $10 per coin.

The Beetle Mania Deluxe Pay Symbols

The most basic symbols that will offer a pay out in Beetle Mania are the Ace, Queen, King, Jack and Ten symbols. These symbols require at least three matches before they pay out. The Queen Jack and Ten will pay out between 5 and 100 coins. All three these symbols share the same value. The Ace and King symbols offer between 10 and 200 coins for pay outs.

The Caterpillar symbol will pay out 4 coins for two symbols lined up on an activated pay line, but offers 250 coins for five matching symbols. The Snail symbol will pay out 1000 coins for five matching symbols in a row on a pay line. The green moth is worth 500 coins for five matching symbols.

The Beetle Mania Deluxe Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbols in Beetle Mania Deluxe is the yellow and brown bee symbol. This symbol will pay out for between two and five matching symbols lined up on an activated pay line. This symbol can also alter its value when it is part of a winning combination. The bee Wild Symbol will take on any value required to complete a winning combination. The Wild will not however substitute its value for that of the scatter symbol or the Beetle symbol.

The Beetle Mania Deluxe Scatter Feature

The blue musical note is the scatter symbol in Beetle Mania Deluxe. The scatter symbol does not need to be on an activate pay line for it to trigger a win for players of real money slots. The scatter symbols can land anywhere on the reels and will trigger a win as long as you land three or more on screen. Three symbols will pay out 20 coins, four symbols will pay out 150 coins and five scatter symbols on the reels will pay out 500 coins.

The Beetle Mania Deluxe Bonus Feature

In Beetle Mania Deluxe you can gain ten free spins as soon as you land three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. If during the free spins round, the player lands the beetle symbol on the middle reel, the player will get a 2 X multiplier attached to his or her win. Free spins do not retrigger during the free spins round.