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How Technology Has Changed Gambling

Whether it’s for better security, games, facilities and services, technology has always been the greatest tool available for enhancing and improving the over-all experience of both gamblers and the gambling establishments.

The past centuries have seen gambling transformed via technology, and it’s still rapidly changing.

Gambling & Tech Through The Ages

It’s hard for historians and to pinpoint when exactly gambling first started, but some believe it may be as old, or even older than civilization itself.

Otherwise, dominos and cards have been found dating from the earliest eras of Ancient China, and dice and gambling chips from Ancient Greece. The popular game of Poker is said to be derived from a 17th Century Persian card game called As-Nas, making it over three hundred years old.

Many later cultures continued to share the pastime of gambling, and, with each new invention and addition, in gambling and in general life, it often coincided with a new break-through technology that made it possible.

Slot Machines And Video Poker

Slot machines have been in existence since the late 19th century and contributed some very clever devices and innovations that made gambling hugely popular. Together with television technology, and also the historic invention of the personal computer, they gave rise to something arguably even more popular. The invention of video poker in the 1970s.

This is generally considered to be one of the biggest technological turning points in the history for gambling in terms of the popularity it has now gained around the world.

Internet And The Online Platform

With the rise of PCs and the internet over the 1990s and 2000s, online gambling became the next huge leap in gambling evolution. It allowed everyday people, for the first time, to have a safe, casino-quality gambling experience, using real money, from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Mobile Devices And Games

As if online wasn’t fortunate enough, the invention and launch of the iPhone, and the mobile device revolution that followed, brought about another, coinciding, revolution in gambling. A new way of communicating and accessing the internet, online casinos, and the world, became possible.

Online Transactions and Cryptocurrencies

With the rapid rate in progress of online, mobile, and PC technology, so has come the great need for security from cyber-criminals and scammers, as well as a general safe and legal environment in which to transact money.

Safe and secure online transfer methods such as PayPal and E-Wallet have largely become the standard method. However, many are now looking towards cryptocurrencies and block-chain transactions for even better security.

The Future Is Now – VR and AI

Virtual reality, and AR (augmented reality), are getting all the tech-heads super excited with all the amazing possibilities that the technology provides. The first VR casinos are already being launched, and soon everyone will be able to afford a headset and be able to visit mind-blowing virtual casinos.

Also already in use in various degrees, the continued development of AI technology will likely play the biggest part yet in the future of gambling, as it will in many other aspects of our lives.