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More About Online Casino Tournaments

If you’ve spent any time at an online casino, you’ll likely have heard about a tournament being held. As time has gone on, and online casinos have gained popularity, more and more have started to organise dedicated tournaments. Many even offer impressive prizes, depending on the casino, and the game being played.

But what is a casino tournament, how does it work, and should you take part? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is A Tournament?

As you would expect, a tournament is an invitation to take part in a competitive version of a standard game. All visitors to the site may participate, assuming that they have an active account.

A tournament may be played based around virtually any game offered at the casino, with table games such as Poker being the obvious choice. After all, Poker is a game best played against live opponents. However, Roulette can also be made into a competitive activity, as well as slots.

How Does It Work?

But how can Roulette, or slots, be competitive?

In the case of games that are single player focused, the idea is, generally, that each player pays a deposit amount, and is given an identical starting amount. The challenge is then to earn as much as possible in a limited time.

So in the case of Roulette, each player will pay an upfront deposit, and may be given $10. The players then attempt to place bets, and earn as much as possible. After a time limit has expired, the player with the most cash will be crowned the winner, and win the prize pool.

Some tournaments will allow repeated buy ins. This means that if the starting amount is lost, a second deposit can be paid, and an additional betting amount granted.


One of the most exciting aspects of tournaments is the addition of leaderboards. During a tournament, a live board is displayed, showing who is currently in the lead, and who is currently lagging behind. This fantastic idea keeps the action fun, tense, and engaging. Seeing your name at the top is great motivation, and easily turns a standard single player game into something far more pulse pounding.

How Much Can You Win?

Tournaments vary considerably at each online casino, and the prize amounts offered also tend to be drastically different. Some prizes will be $1,000, while others may be far more, or less. It all depends on the organisers of the event, and how much they decide is suitable.

Though, a golden rule is that the tournaments with the biggest prizes generally have higher deposit amounts. It is, after all, always a matter of risk versus reward in the world of casino games.

Where Can I Play?

If you’re interested in taking part, you will find a tournament being offered at virtually every online casino. Simply look around, see what’s available, and indicate that you would like to take part. Note that you will have to have an active account at that casino, but that the account creation process is generally quick and easy.