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The Traditional Casino Game of Classic Blackjack

There are some casino games that have pretty much grown synonymous with the industry itself and one such game of this calibre is the Classic Blackjack. A card game that has been around for a very long time, the game of Blackjack has worked its way into most players’ hearts.

Essentially, the game is a race to 21 points versus just the dealer; with card values attributed the same way as Poker rankings, with Ace both high and low. The game features many different rules and regulations depending on the casinos and even the variation, but the classic version has held true throughout and is still widely regarded as the top way to play the game. So whether experienced players want to remind themselves of the rules, or new players want to get affiliated with the game, there are more detailed guidelines ahead.

Ways to Play Classic Blackjack Online

With today’s technology players can enjoy a game of Classic online Blackjack on their phone from their own homes, instead of having to go out to the nearest casino. This however does pose a few more obstacles over ways to then engage with the online world safely. Reliable and highly regarded online casinos are probably the best bet, and even offer some exciting new ways to play like live dealer games in which there is an actual, interacting dealer in which to then play the game with.

The Fundamentals of Classic Blackjack

The game uses a standard French deck of 52, however because the tradition has become to not shuffle the cards until they’re all dealt out a normal game of Classic Blackjack usually uses several decks combined and then dealt from a card shoe, making it harder for players to predict what cards are coming based on those played.

The points system starts at Ace with 1, the next numbers then standing for that respective point value, so 2s are two points and 10s ten points. The face cards, Jack, Queen and King are all worth 10 points while the Ace, in its high role, is worth 11. It is fairly easy from here to see the best ways if forming 21, and how it can be done using just 2 cards, called a natural. A natural hand, Ace plus a 10 point card, cannot be beaten, although depending on the casino outlet the hand may be able to draw with the dealer should they also get a natural. There are also often better odds for this hand, paying out more than the usual 1 to 2.

The game of Classic Blackjack begins when the dealer deals the players each 2 cards face up, whilst dealing themselves also 2 cards except with one face down. By this point players have already placed their bets and can then have the choice to either stay or hit. There is also an option to split, where the player turns their first two card, both of which are the same rank, into 2 separate hands and can then proceed to hit or stay for each. Of course if players, or the dealer, go over 21 they are considered bust and lose their bet.