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The Dice Game of Craps

Hugely Popular Casino Dice Game Craps

Dice, like cards, have been tools for games of chance for pretty much since their inception and as a result have been a part of some of the most influential games in human history. With regards to dice games in particular there is definitely one stand out game that has sort of lead the way in casino dice gaming and that is craps.

This dice game is played with a single shooter at a time throwing the dice, while that player as well as the other players can then bet on this shooter’s rolls. So the game is played, with players taking turns to be shooter, vetting on the outcomes of this shooter’s throws and then concluding that round to pass on to the next shooter. The game tends to flow quite smoothly in this fashion and whilst there are several rules and regulations to play this game new players can still get involved from the get go.

Explaining the Game of Craps

The game of craps begins with a player at the table being designated the shooter. This means that it is their turn to roll the dice. Before the shooter rolls they are required to place a wager on either the Pass line bet or the Don’t Pass bet. The first roll from a new shooter is called the come out roll and it is before this role that other players at the table have the option to place a bet on either of the aforementioned bets. The shooter then rolls the pair of dice.

The Pass line bet loses if the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12 during their come out roll, called crapping out. It wins however if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11. If any other number is rolled then it establishes a point and another phase of rolling begins. This is still under the Pass line bet so no additional wagers can be made unless that player bet before the point was established. Once a point has been established the Pass line bet wins if that point is rolled before a 7 and loses if the reverse.

Where the game of craps becomes really exciting is with the odds around each possible bet and the standards set by particular casinos. This is because a player well integrated with such probabilities can definitely shift the odds in their favourite and make for a somewhat less volatile game of chance and more of one of skill.

Playing Craps Online and Possible Variations

With games as potentially fun and lucrative as craps, players will want to know where to best find such experiences online. Fortunately the Internet has grown full with different casino and no deposit microgaming casinos available to players around the world and so pursuing a reliable online casino, alongside trusted developers makes for the safest easiest way of locating a safe online version of this game.

Additionally this reach has afforded players and groups to share and discover new variations of older classics and so players interested in games of a similar nature to craps will be able to discover some rather interesting gems hidden within the Ethernet.